WATCH: Honest Trailers – The Meg

It was only a matter of time before The Meg got the Honest Trailers treatment, and it did not disappoint. The Honest Trailer points out the seriousness the film tries to approach, awesome scenes from the book they never used, the lack of people punching the shark, among a few other intesting point of views.... Continue Reading →

Four Nazi-Zombie Films To Watch In Preparation For Overlord

To celebrate the release of Overlord here in Ireland, The Horror Club has decided to list four Nazi-zombie films that we think you should watch to prepare yourself. Outpost: Perhaps this is the most well-known film dealing with subject matter of Nazi-zombies. The story follows a rough group of experienced mercenaries who find themselves fighting... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Two Predator Fan Films

There are quite a few people out there that don't like fan films. They can be of a poor standard, and simply a waste of time. However, some filmmakers take a serious approach when making them, and as a result, they can turn out to be decent enough. Today, we have two Predator fan films,... Continue Reading →

Zombie War Issue 1 & 2

Authors:┬áKevin Eastman and Tom Skulan Genres: Action/Horror/Zombies ___________________________________________________________________ There's something to be said when sitting down to tuck into a zombie comic/book, especially one with the undead having the ability to speak and shoot guns. However, with Zombie War, that's where the excitement ends. If there was ever a comic to sum itself up, it's... Continue Reading →

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