Four Zombie Short Films Worth Checking Out

The Horror Club is currently on a zombie craze, and as a result, has been travelling through the undead web in search of different, yet good, zombie short films (check out our zombie short film poll here). There are so many that have stood out, so do not be surprised if THC ends up making... Continue Reading →

Poll: Two Zombie Short Films

Well, it's that time again! We've chosen two zombie short films that couldn't be any more different. Both films have raked up the awards, and it's not hard to see why they have. However, as they say, there must be a winner! And we're asking you to choose. As always, we'll provide the two films... Continue Reading →

Watch: Sandman (2016)

What's worse than having a nightmare? When you wake up and realise that there is a bigger nightmare is right in front of you. And that is the case for Sandy as she faces an unimaginable threat. Sandman comes from Superfreak Media and stars Esmee Matthews & Matthew Baker. It picked up the Best Horror... Continue Reading →

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