Zombie War Issue 1 & 2

Authors: Kevin Eastman and Tom Skulan Genres: Action/Horror/Zombies ___________________________________________________________________ There's something to be said when sitting down to tuck into a zombie comic/book, especially one with the undead having the ability to speak and shoot guns. However, with Zombie War, that's where the excitement ends. If there was ever a comic to sum itself up, it's... Continue Reading →

“Vol 1 Has Enough for the Reader to be Engaged”: Twilight Hotel Vol 1 Review

Twilight Hotel Vol 1 is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign consisting of the team, story writer RA X, artist Michael Aryn and editor Darrell E. Smith. It's the first of an intended four part series. However, it also has a tough job to accomplish. Not only does the comic have to be good... Continue Reading →

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