“An Accomplished Piece of Work”: The Quiet Zone Review

When we commute alone late at night our worst fear is that we are either being stalked or going to be attacked. And that's what The Quiet Zone is essentially: a person's worst nightmare.  It is quite common that we find ourselves alone at night and start seeing things because of our consciousness. Writer/director, Andrew... Continue Reading →

Read, then Watch: A Review of The Sculptor

The Sculptor is a mysterious horror film written and directed by Kris Lippert, and stars Shannon Rogers, and was produced by Movierockets Entertainment. It is now available via Crypt TV. When it comes to short films on Crypt TV, the story usually takes place in one location with the main punch occurring at the end. The... Continue Reading →

Review of Crypt TV’s Look-See V

The Look-See series has hit five episodes, and with the latest installment being dubbed the season finale, it's interesting to see how the series wraps up, and what the future might hold should there be a second season. While the first four episodes showed a victim in each one, and gave us little background as... Continue Reading →

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