Interview with Victoria Fratz

The Horror Club chats with filmmaker Victoria Fratz about co-owning a production company, what interests her about the horror genre, portraying a monster in a film, her latest short film, 'Slasher', and much more! Can you tell me a bit about yourself? I’m a filmmaker living in Los Angeles. I’m originally from the east coast,... Continue Reading →

WATCH: The Cold

Are you a fan of chillers (get it?)? Terrible jokes aside, the short film THC is sharing with you today is certainly a cold one, which, if you haven't guessed by now, is called The Cold. The short tells the story of a couple who must embrace the cold after a catastrophic event has left them... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Cover and Shadow

The Horror Club is sharing not one but two creature feature short films with you, with Crypt TV presenting both of them. The first, which is called Cover, tells the story a little girl who only has the covers to protect her from a monster. It's a play on the 'don't leave your legs dangling over... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Where’s Waldo?

We all have our ways of getting inspiration, but could you imagine getting it from the Where's Waldo picture book, and in turn, creating a short horror film based on it? Well, that's exactly what Alex Bale has done, and you can watch it below. The short is just under 5 minutes and has raked up nearly... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Together

Has lockdown driven you crazy? Nothing to do except walk and walk until you can do so no more? Well, why don’t you watch some short films; it won’t take long. The short we are sharing with you today is Together, which comes from Alter, who continue to release quality work across the digital spectrum.... Continue Reading →

WATCH: The Innocent

The films just keep on rolling when it comes to Crypt TV; and this time they have offered one set in a creepy hospital. Don't you just hate when those damn hospitals are creepy? Well, if you love when they are, then this one is for you. The Innocent tells the story of a man who... Continue Reading →


In our review of episode one of Soot, we stated that although it had a lot going for it, the episode as a whole felt a little bit too basic. As for episode two, it would need to add more than just cool deaths and creature effects to really grab the audience. Luckily, it does.... Continue Reading →

Interview with Michael Coulombe

The Horror Club speaks to writer and filmmaker, Michael Coulombe, about his latest short film, Soundbite, the popularity of online horror, his new short horror film channel and much more! Tell me about yourself? My name is Michael Coulombe. I left my full time job to make movies. I always tell everyone that film found... Continue Reading →

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