WATCH: A Tap at the Window

Films like The Ring and The Grudge have been a popular outlet for horror fans; and even though we haven't gotten many along the same lines of them in recent years (we're not counting Rings here), we do have a new remake of The Grudge to look forward to next year. A Tap at the... Continue Reading →

Four Reasons We’re Excited For ‘A Quiet Place’

A former comedy actor has written a script for a horror movie and, with little experience, has decided to step behind the camera in order to direct said horror movie. Now, where have we heard of that before? That's right - Get Out. But while we're not predicting the same breakout success that Get Out... Continue Reading →

Ghost Stories (2018)

Anthology based films have been on the rise over the last few years, with Trick r Treat and V/H/S coming to mind. It's always been an interesting concept with some better than others. We are set to see another one, this time Ghost Stories, which will be released in cinemas in early 2018. The official synopsis goes: Arch... Continue Reading →

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