GUEST POST: Don’t Go In There! by Landon Stahmer

IF YOU'VE ever seen a horror movie (of course you have), I’m sure you are familiar with this scene. Our too-old-to-be-a-high-school-student hero, finds themselves in a dangerous situation. Then they hear it. A creepy, inhuman sound coming from behind a closed door. Surely, they are too smart and socially savvy to follow the sound, right?... Continue Reading →

GUEST POST: Why Do “We Need Monsters?” by Kendra Sartorelli

For the first post in our new Guest Post Series, artist, Kendra Sartorelli talks about her experience with horror growing up and the influences on her paintings, while asking the all important question in why do we need monsters? For several years now, I've been creating a series of textured acrylic paintings of original monsters inspired by... Continue Reading →

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