WATCH: Creeptoons

Animated short film alert! I've always said that I enjoy animated horror films, and that we should have more of them. Well, we have a new one courtesy of creators, Matt Duncan and Gus Fink, called Creeptoons, which is distributed via the good guys over at Crypt TV. The short follows a strange town, inhabited... Continue Reading →

Dark Vessel Review

I recently stated that we needed more horror films to be animated, even if it's just in short film format. The comic-book genre is finally going that route with a new Spiderman film due out later this year, so why not this genre? Rocky Curby's┬áHappy Meal Horror then popped up via Crypt TV for us... Continue Reading →

Happy Meal Horror Review

There should be more animated horror films. End of. However, while we over in The Horror Club wait for our wishes to be made real, we have been treated to the short animated horror film, Happy Meal Horror, via the good folk over in Crypt TV. Happy Meal Horror comes from writer/director Rocky Curby, and... Continue Reading →

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