A Review of Award Winning Zombie Short Film ‘Hope’

If you had to choose one sub-genre within horror that would be inclined to have cliches, then you wouldn't be alone in choosing Zombies. After all, they have become so popular that they have appeared across all different mediums. However, the problem is, they usually follow the basic formula of a person/group trying to survive... Continue Reading →

Are The Deadites Finally Going To Get Ash Williams?

Ash Williams may be able to fight off countless Deadites, but there's one thing he may not get the better of, and that is cancellation. Yes, that's right. While the faith of Ash vs Evil Dead is still pretty much in the balance, rumours of cancellation circulated before season 3 even premiered, so it's not looking good.... Continue Reading →

Remembering Zombie Gigolo

"Is it necrophilia if you’re both dead?" Now, before you go and say what the hell, that line is in fact the opening line of the short story 'Zombie Gigolo' by SG Browne. Originally written for and performed at the Gross Out Contest at the 2008 World Horror Convention, the story was then published in... Continue Reading →

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