Watch A 3 Minute Horror Film: The Faceless Man

The golden rule in a horror movie is to never have sex. It's a no-no. And no matter how tempted you may be, if you want to make it to the end credits, you're going to have to make that sacrifice. However, in The Faceless Man, a young couple don't stick by that rule and soon realise... Continue Reading →

Read then Watch: A Review of SHELLEY (Class of 98) Ep 1

Crypt TV has been steadily building up their web series with the likes of Look-See and Crypt's Fables, proving that they are ones to watch over the next year or so. Next to come out of that department is Shelley (Class of 98), a classic revenge film where the characters must pay for what they've... Continue Reading →

Watch A 3 Minute Film: Sleeptalk

Don't you just hate when you're enjoying a peaceful sleep, and then all of a sudden, it's ruined by your other half's constant sleeptalking? Now, imagine that but with something much more sinister and I bet you wished you had some earplugs. Sleeptalk is just that and is part of the 3 minute horror web... Continue Reading →

A 3 Minute Horror Film: Watch Tap Tap

"Alone in the bath...or so she thinks." Everyone has at least once enjoyed a peaceful time in the bath. It's a place to relax, gather your thoughts, etc. There's something surreal about the tapping of the water. However, it's also a place where you can be most vulnerable; and that's what Tap Tap explores. The film stars... Continue Reading →

Watch A 3 Minute Film: The Mime (2018)

"First it copies you. Then you copy it." There's something to be said about Mimes, and how freaky they can be. And that's just the normal (if you can use the word) ones. What about the not so normal ones? Well, in The Mime a poor businesswoman enocounters one who just happens to be a killer. Nightmarish... Continue Reading →

Watch: Don’t Move

The Horror Club has decided to change things up a bit. Instead of reviewing short films pre 2018, we will watch a few and decide to share them to you based on our recommendation. We will share two on Tuesday and two on Thursday. However, if you are a filmmaker, and you have a short... Continue Reading →

Thing In The Apartment (Supercut) Review

Crypt TV have been known to make a number of short films into episodic series, with Look-See being the obvious example. John William Ross's Thing In The Apartment has also received this treatment, with two episodes to date, and the good folk over in Crypt TV have given us a supercut to enjoy Chapter I and II back... Continue Reading →

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