WATCH: Creeptoons

Animated short film alert! I've always said that I enjoy animated horror films, and that we should have more of them. Well, we have a new one courtesy of creators, Matt Duncan and Gus Fink, called Creeptoons, which is distributed via the good guys over at Crypt TV. The short follows a strange town, inhabited... Continue Reading →

WATCH: A Tap at the Window

Films like The Ring and The Grudge have been a popular outlet for horror fans; and even though we haven't gotten many along the same lines of them in recent years (we're not counting Rings here), we do have a new remake of The Grudge to look forward to next year. A Tap at the... Continue Reading →

Watch: Sandman (2016)

What's worse than having a nightmare? When you wake up and realise that there is a bigger nightmare is right in front of you. And that is the case for Sandy as she faces an unimaginable threat. Sandman comes from Superfreak Media and stars Esmee Matthews & Matthew Baker. It picked up the Best Horror... Continue Reading →

Happy Meal Horror Review

There should be more animated horror films. End of. However, while we over in The Horror Club wait for our wishes to be made real, we have been treated to the short animated horror film, Happy Meal Horror, via the good folk over in Crypt TV. Happy Meal Horror comes from writer/director Rocky Curby, and... Continue Reading →

Read, then Watch: A Review of The Elegy

As previously stated in our other reviews of short horror films, they usually rely on a steady build-up and a killer (no pun intended) punch; and for the most part, Crypt TV provides us with above -average to wonderful punches. However, with The Elegy, the punch is not the only problem the film has to... Continue Reading →

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