REVIEW: Siphon

A.A. Medina offered us an insight into his style with his short story collection ITCH, and his work with Dustin Schyler Yoak on the wonderful magazine, Aphotic Realm. With SIPHON comes Medina's first venture into a full blown work, such as a novella/novel. It tells the story of Dr. Gary Phillips, the resident hematopathologist at Claybrook Medical... Continue Reading →

The Storm Review

Action/Horror | 13:29 mins | Screamfest LA There is something intriguing about survival horror, about the fact that you are alone in a world overrun by dangerous creatures. There's a tension already built in, and for a film of this type to be successful, it must capitalise on it. The Storm tells the story of... Continue Reading →

Read, then Watch: A Review of The Sculptor

The Sculptor is a mysterious horror film written and directed by Kris Lippert, and stars Shannon Rogers, and was produced by Movierockets Entertainment. It is now available via Crypt TV. When it comes to short films on Crypt TV, the story usually takes place in one location with the main punch occurring at the end. The... Continue Reading →

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