Watch: Sandman (2016)

What's worse than having a nightmare? When you wake up and realise that there is a bigger nightmare is right in front of you. And that is the case for Sandy as she faces an unimaginable threat. Sandman comes from Superfreak Media and stars Esmee Matthews & Matthew Baker. It picked up the Best Horror... Continue Reading →

Watch: Don’t Move

The Horror Club has decided to change things up a bit. Instead of reviewing short films pre 2018, we will watch a few and decide to share them to you based on our recommendation. We will share two on Tuesday and two on Thursday. However, if you are a filmmaker, and you have a short... Continue Reading →

Remembering ThanksKilling

Low budget films can be tricky. They either take themselves too seriously and aren't fun, or are pretty terrible, but you still fun because the film knows its silliness. ThanksKilling is the latter. The film is in no way serious, but a lot of fun, when you are drunk, of course. ThanksKilling was produced for $3500... Continue Reading →

Itsy Bitsy (2018)

Aaaaah, who doesn't love a good creature feature? Check out the trailer for Itsy Bitsy, a classic creature feature movie where a young mother with a troubled past must defend her two children and do battle with a legendary pre-historic Spider Goddess.  The film is created by Micah Gallo and is scheduled to be released in 2018.... Continue Reading →

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