A Review of Aphotic Realm’s Classified

Aphotic Realm have been operating for just over a year now, and since then, they have released three issues (including Classified), Mandi Jourdan's Shadows of the Mind, and a new short story collection called Tales from the Realm Vol 1. When it comes to Classified, which is the subject of this review, it shows just what a... Continue Reading →

Aphotic Realm Issue 2 ‘Banished’ Review

*Please note this is a non-spoiler review* "And then, mercifully, everything is dark." If there was ever a line to sum up the overall feeling of 'Banished', Aphotic Realm's second issue, then that it is (ironically the last line of the first story, Night Terrors, by Jocelyn Baxtor). With Banished, you are treated to 80... Continue Reading →

Interview with Editors of Aphotic Realm

To start out with the new direction that the site/blog is going, The Horror Club interviewed A. A. Medina and Dustin Schyler Yoak, the editors of the recently established magazine, Aphotic Realm, 'which is the home of sinister and strange fiction'! You can check it out below: (Picture courtesy of Aphotic Realm) 1) Why did you decide... Continue Reading →

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