REVIEW: Dale Robertson’s The House That Jack Built

It's always going tricky when a house, be it haunted or not, is the main setting of the story. This is because it's been done countless times, and the author needs to be very clever in how they approach the way the story is told. The main concern is that it can be easy to... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Becky Carmichael Fan Club

Horror/Mystery | 2018 | 33 min | Written and directed by Andrew J. D. Robinson ________________________________ Films dealing with sensitive subjects can be tricky to pull off. There has to be a subtle approach as the way you do things, because audiences don't want to feel like they're being preached to throughout the entire of... Continue Reading →

Interview with Christa Carmen

The Horror Club speaks to Christa Carmen about her debut fiction collection, Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked, which will be released on August 21, by Unnerving. Carmen is a writer of dark fiction, and her short stories have appeared in places like Fireside Fiction Company, Unnerving Magazine, Year's Best Hardcore Horror, Outpost 28, DarkFuse Magazine, and Tales to... Continue Reading →

Mister Sticks (2018) Review

Films with childhood imaginary friends go two ways. They either deal with a child who has one or an adult who had one as a child. When it comes to Mister Sticks, it's the latter. The film, written and directed by David Schmidt, stars Grace Hutchings, Peter Ash & Mark E. Penzian and tells the... Continue Reading →

A Review of Crypt TV’s Knock Knock

European films have a distinctive feeling, making them easily more recognisable than American films. From the lighting to the camera work, it's just all so much different. And when it comes to Knock Knock, a French short film, it's more of the same. Written and directed by Maxence Rapp, Knock Knock tells the story of... Continue Reading →

Thing In The Apartment (Supercut) Review

Crypt TV have been known to make a number of short films into episodic series, with Look-See being the obvious example. John William Ross's Thing In The Apartment has also received this treatment, with two episodes to date, and the good folk over in Crypt TV have given us a supercut to enjoy Chapter I and II back... Continue Reading →

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