WATCH: She Knows

Have you ever done something, and felt terrible for hiding it? Well, the first short film The Horror Club is sharing with you deals with that, and it is called She Knows. It tells the story of the repercussions a man must face after keeping a terrible secret to himself. The short has all your... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Together

Has lockdown driven you crazy? Nothing to do except walk and walk until you can do so no more? Well, why don’t you watch some short films; it won’t take long. The short we are sharing with you today is Together, which comes from Alter, who continue to release quality work across the digital spectrum.... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: We Know You Are Home

Holiday themed films, be it short or feature length, always seem to find themselves on the wrong end of the cliche scale. It's because filmmakers don't focus on making it their own, and as a result, get lost in the shuffle. We Know You Are Home thankfully doesn't fall into that category. The film, playing off... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Goodnight

In a review I recently wrote for a short film, I stated that when dealing with a subject matter that's sensitive, filmmakers have to change their approach in how they convey the film's message. Goodnight is a film that deals with a very sensitive subject, and it's a film that very much does so in an excellent... Continue Reading →

Watch: Ouroboros

We've all been in a position where we have been lying in bed, trying to get to sleep (or sleeping) and then hear something go bump in the night. Cliche, I know, but for some reason it seems to happen. And then little doubts creep into our heads, which can only mean bad news. This... Continue Reading →

Watch A 3 Minute Film: Sleeptalk

Don't you just hate when you're enjoying a peaceful sleep, and then all of a sudden, it's ruined by your other half's constant sleeptalking? Now, imagine that but with something much more sinister and I bet you wished you had some earplugs. Sleeptalk is just that and is part of the 3 minute horror web... Continue Reading →

A Review of Crypt TV’s Nightmaere

When it comes to having nightmares, most people can relate to how horrific they can be. If not, then damn, you must be one of the few lucky souls. So, when it comes to films (or short films for the purpose of this review) dealing with nightmares, you can see yourself in the character suffering... Continue Reading →

Read, then Watch: A Review of The Elegy

As previously stated in our other reviews of short horror films, they usually rely on a steady build-up and a killer (no pun intended) punch; and for the most part, Crypt TV provides us with above -average to wonderful punches. However, with The Elegy, the punch is not the only problem the film has to... Continue Reading →

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