Five Short Films Based On Bloody Mary

The Horror Club recently reviewed The GK Films' take on the urban legend, Bloody Mary (which you can read here), and in that review pointed out that there was in fact no decent films, short and feature length, concerning this foul woman. So, like most enthusiastic and needy people, we researched the interworld to find... Continue Reading →

The Storm Review

Action/Horror | 13:29 mins | Screamfest LA There is something intriguing about survival horror, about the fact that you are alone in a world overrun by dangerous creatures. There's a tension already built in, and for a film of this type to be successful, it must capitalise on it. The Storm tells the story of... Continue Reading →

5 Screamfest Short Films To Watch

Screamfest Horror Festival, based in Los Angeles, is America's largest and longest running horror film festival, and runs for ten days in October. The festival has launched a number of careers, providing a playoff for filmmakers and actors to showcase their work to a dedicated audience. Every week they upload a film that has premiered... Continue Reading →

Dark Vessel Review

I recently stated that we needed more horror films to be animated, even if it's just in short film format. The comic-book genre is finally going that route with a new Spiderman film due out later this year, so why not this genre? Rocky Curby's Happy Meal Horror then popped up via Crypt TV for us... Continue Reading →

Happy Meal Horror Review

There should be more animated horror films. End of. However, while we over in The Horror Club wait for our wishes to be made real, we have been treated to the short animated horror film, Happy Meal Horror, via the good folk over in Crypt TV. Happy Meal Horror comes from writer/director Rocky Curby, and... Continue Reading →

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