Watch: Kissed

There is something very off-putting about being a coroner. I suppose it has to do with the fact that they are always around death, but it's still creepy. And that's the short film we're sharing with you today. A creepy one with an equally creepy coroner. Kissed tells the story of a corner working on... Continue Reading →

WATCH: The Cold

Are you a fan of chillers (get it?)? Terrible jokes aside, the short film THC is sharing with you today is certainly a cold one, which, if you haven't guessed by now, is called The Cold. The short tells the story of a couple who must embrace the cold after a catastrophic event has left them... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Cover and Shadow

The Horror Club is sharing not one but two creature feature short films with you, with Crypt TV presenting both of them. The first, which is called Cover, tells the story a little girl who only has the covers to protect her from a monster. It's a play on the 'don't leave your legs dangling over... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Where’s Waldo?

We all have our ways of getting inspiration, but could you imagine getting it from the Where's Waldo picture book, and in turn, creating a short horror film based on it? Well, that's exactly what Alex Bale has done, and you can watch it below. The short is just under 5 minutes and has raked up nearly... Continue Reading →

WATCH: The Scroll of Morlok

Are you a fan of classics such as Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari? Then, we have a short film for you. However, if you’re not, why not watch it anyway? The short we’re sharing with you is called The Scroll of Morlok, and tells the story of Kelly, a young theatre manager who... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Grief

Sometimes monsters don't take a physical form, but can linger in our heads, eating at us, making them that bit more frightening. And this is exactly what 'Grief' is about. The short film tells the story of a grieving couple trying navigate the mysterious disappearance of their son when one night a stranger comes to visit.... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Old MacDonald

Have you ever wondered what nursery rhymes would look like as a short film? Well, Crypt TV's latest offering has provided us exactly that, with a story set around Old MacDonald's farm. The short follows three friends who pick up a stranger and drop her home. From there, they realise their generosity proves to be... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Alien: Containment

It came as a surprise when it was announced that short films based on Alien were to be released in order to celebrate its 40th Anniversary. What was in store for fans of the franchise, given that the short films were actually commissioned, and not fan made ones uploaded to YouTube? The first one released,... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Shelley S2

In The Horror Club’s review of Shelley season 1, we spoke about our concerns that the direction the series would take. It needed to be fresh and inventive, and break away from the typical ‘killer returns and takes revenge’ angle in order to stand out. For season 2, it follows the same approach of its... Continue Reading →

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