Check Out This Fan Trailer Called Nightmare: Return to Elm Street

FAN trailers can be tricky. Not only can they show what could be a horrible film, but it could also annoy the fans of the original film and/or franchise. Saying that however, we came across this cool fan made trailer for the A Nightmare on Elm Street series. It's by no means perfect, but cool nonetheless. The... Continue Reading →

7 Thoughts On Bubbles – An Interview With Brennan Gilpatrick and Erin Walsh

The Horror Club speaks to Brennan Gilpatrick and Erin Walsh, the creators of the award-winning short horror comedy, Bubbles. The short has been picked up by Crypt TV, and if you'd like to watch it, you can find it below. Tell me about yourselves? We’re two filmmakers based in Los Angeles. We met in a... Continue Reading →

Remembering ThanksKilling

Low budget films can be tricky. They either take themselves too seriously and aren't fun, or are pretty terrible, but you still fun because the film knows its silliness. ThanksKilling is the latter. The film is in no way serious, but a lot of fun, when you are drunk, of course. ThanksKilling was produced for $3500... Continue Reading →

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