Zombie War Issue 1 & 2

Authors:┬áKevin Eastman and Tom Skulan Genres: Action/Horror/Zombies ___________________________________________________________________ There's something to be said when sitting down to tuck into a zombie comic/book, especially one with the undead having the ability to speak and shoot guns. However, with Zombie War, that's where the excitement ends. If there was ever a comic to sum itself up, it's... Continue Reading →

Remembering Max Brooks’ Exinction Parade

If you ever mention Max Brooks' name, the likely reply you will get is "he wrote those zombie books", which, of course, is World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, respectively. Brooks' short stories have also popped up in various anthologies, but another work of his is the gory and tense, The Exinction Parade.... Continue Reading →

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