Ranking All Of Dan Allen’s 3 Minute Horror Short Films

Earlier this month, The Horror Club listed each of the short films within the 3 Minute Horror Short Film series, created by Dan Allen. To be fair, all the films are of a high standard, with one of them (The Mime) even being picked up by Crypt TV and published this week. Now, as always,... Continue Reading →

Read then Watch: A Review of Shelley (Class of 98) Ep 3

In my review for episode 2 of SHELLEY I stated that the episode was very Scream like and my fears for the longetivity of the series as a whole. However, with episode 3, which happens to be the season finale, done and dusted, one of the two previous statements remain. Thankfully, it's not the latter.... Continue Reading →

Watch A 3 Minute Film: Sleeptalk

Don't you just hate when you're enjoying a peaceful sleep, and then all of a sudden, it's ruined by your other half's constant sleeptalking? Now, imagine that but with something much more sinister and I bet you wished you had some earplugs. Sleeptalk is just that and is part of the 3 minute horror web... Continue Reading →

Watch A 3 Minute Film: The Mime (2018)

"First it copies you. Then you copy it." There's something to be said about Mimes, and how freaky they can be. And that's just the normal (if you can use the word) ones. What about the not so normal ones? Well, in The Mime a poor businesswoman enocounters one who just happens to be a killer. Nightmarish... Continue Reading →

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