Zombie War Issue 1 & 2

Authors:┬áKevin Eastman and Tom Skulan Genres: Action/Horror/Zombies ___________________________________________________________________ There's something to be said when sitting down to tuck into a zombie comic/book, especially one with the undead having the ability to speak and shoot guns. However, with Zombie War, that's where the excitement ends. If there was ever a comic to sum itself up, it's... Continue Reading →

Opinion Piece: Day by Day Armageddon Is A Thrilling Zombie Story

It's the weekend, which means that you may have some spare time on your hands. If you're looking for a good book with nail-biting suspense, then J. L. Bourne's Day by Day Armageddon is a book you must read. The synopsis goes: An ongoing journal depicting one man's personal struggle for survival, dealing with the... Continue Reading →

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