Possessions of the Human Kind: Saga (2nd Edition) Review

The best thing about reviewing books sent to you is that you don’t know anything about them. There is no particular biased because you’re not a fan nor have you read anything from the author previously. And that’s the case with Saga, book one in the Possessions of the Human Kind series. I’m saying this because Saga is a Christian book with a mix of supernatural themes. To be honest, had I known much about it, I would’ve probably been put off because I’m not overly excited to read work with religion having a central stronghold throughout.

So, what is Saga about? It tells the story of Dr Leslie Johnson as she arrives in Humanity Ville to take up a post at Hope Psychiatric Facilty. There, she finds strange happenings with a touch of the supernatural. Evil is targeting her. Evil wants her. Now, she must believe in her faith and fight more so than ever.

It could have been so easy for Saga to cross the line and become pretentious and preachy. However, author, Aimee Marie Bejarano, finds a successful balance between the religious elements and the supernatural ones. After a shaky opening chapter or two, the story finds it footing, and from there, Bejarano shows off her writing skills and storytelling ability.

She gives us crisp proses, and a few interesting, if not perfect, characters. However, it is not without its fault within the middle section of the book. There are several pacing issues that could have been fixed with a sharper edit, adding with some punctuation problems. As it progresses, the story finds its footing again and hits a wonderful home-run. What stands out in particular is Bejarano’s ability to write such concise dialogue, adding just that bit more to the characters.

Not without its faults, Saga is a good start for the series that should get you invested in the sequel.


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