Pros and Cons of Overlord

The Horror Club recently saw Overlord and to sum it up, it was a gory, action-filled film that needs to be appreciated on the big screen. Below, you can check out our Pros and Cons:


The Acting:

Usually when it comes to B-movies, especially ones dealing with Nazi-Zombies, the acting can leave a lot to be desired. However, the acting throughout Overlord was wonderful, adding an extra touch to the film. Wyatt Russell stands out among a stellar cast, mirroring his father’s earlier career.

Perfect Blend of Horror and Action:

It’s pretty obvious that there are a number of elements mixed into Overlord. There are War, Zombies, Survival, among others, and films dealing with numerous themes can get bogged down too often. However, director, Julius Avery finds a perfect balance, allowing them to flow effortlessly.

The Effects and Monster Designs:

It’s a pleasant surprise to watch a film that doesn’t rely on CGI. It makes the viewing experience more authentic, that bit more horrifying. There were some great effects throughout the film, with the monsters designs being of a very high-standard.


Slow Middle:

The film has a pulsating opening, not allowing the audience to get themselves prepared, adding that extra punch. The ending is intense with action and suspense blended perfectly. However, the middle is where the film slows down. It’s not that big of a deal, but it does lag a bit before it gets going again. We understand the story needs a breather, but it took too big of a one here.

These are our Pros and Cons for Overlord. Do you agree? What did you think of the film?

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