Remembering ThanksKilling

Low budget films can be tricky. They either take themselves too seriously and aren’t fun, or are pretty terrible, but you still fun because the film knows its silliness. ThanksKilling is the latter. The film is in no way serious, but a lot of fun, when you are drunk, of course.

ThanksKilling was produced for $3500 and released on DVD in 2009. It follows your typical holiday-themed slasher plot, where [insert holiday] killer hunts down a bunch of dumb college teens. This one involves a killer turkey, one that even talks. Who doesn’t want to watch that when you drunk on Thanksgiving?

The cover released sums up the film perfectly. It tells you that you’ll see boobs in the first few seconds (probably its selling point) and a catchphrase to end all catchphrases – Gobble, Gobble Motherf**ker.

To be fair, the film does have its supporters because a sequel called ThanksKilling 3 (it’s best not ask why it’s not called number 2) was released after raising the budget on Kickstarter. Damn you good people.

Check out a clip below, which shows the turkey’s best lines; and if you’re already drunk, this writer can not be held accountable for what happens to you after the clip finishes.

Warning, there will be foul language.

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