5 Zombie Stories That Would Make Perfect Short Films

Zombie stories have become such a big part of pop culture. Usually known for being undead figures that just follow where the smell of meat is, there have been different takes on them in recent times. Even ones that lend its traits to the romantic genre. So here, we’re going to take a look at five zombie short stories that would make perfect short films.

1) The Wind Cries Mary by Brian Keene

If there was ever a short story that would translate perfectly to the screen, it would be The Wind Cries Mary, by Brian Keene. It’s location, characters and core element is enough to make it a powerful film. The reason why this would be easier to make more so than others is the three reasons listed above. All you need then is extras to play the zombies, and you’d be on to a winner. We here at The Horror Club would happily to pay to see it. If you want more information on the story, check our other article on here.

2) When the Zombies Win by Karina Sumner-Smith

Zombie stories are mostly told from the point of view of a human. Some are told from the point of view of a zombie. What we rarely get is the zombies winning, and what happens when they win. This story gives the perfect opportunity to show that, from the walking around, doing nothing to just standing, doing nothing. It could even be filmed in P.O.V. Even add a comedy twist with the fact that there are no humans left, so what is the purpose? Do zombies have a purpose after the humans are dead? Yo, Karina, hit us with a sequel.

3) Reapers at the Door by Eric S. Browne

Don’t you just love when stories grab you by the neck and pull you in? This is exactly what happens. This story is so to the point that it is wonderfully edited, giving it a such a lovely pace. The story adds a more sci-fi element to it, being that it takes place on a spaceship. It’s kind of like the Xenomorphs attacking, but there are zombie monsters instead. This story has such a distinct tone that we know who we’d have direct it — Neil Blomkamp; it’ll fit well with what he is doing over in Oats Studios.

4) Twittering from the Circus of the Dead by Joe Hill

Zombies and Social Media — it had to come, didn’t it? It’s an interesting concept, yet simple, too. The story is told across a series of tweets. The reason why we’d love to see this as a short film is to see what spin a director would take. Spilt screen with a person tweeting and what he’s tweeting happening on the other half? Could be cool.

5) The Battle of Yonkers by Max Brooks

Okay, while this may be technically cheating, we had to place it on here because it’s a brilliant section of a brilliant book. It’s basically an all-out war between the US Army and the Zombies, told across some beautiful prose. We understand that even for a short film, the production value would have to be high to do it justice; and a big group of extras would also be needed; but, hey, who says that it’ll never be done? With World War Z 2 said to be being made, and David Fincher on board, there’s no reason he can’t shoot a tiny bit of TBOY. It’s all we’re asking for.

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