A Review of Crypt TV’s Nightmaere

When it comes to having nightmares, most people can relate to how horrific they can be. If not, then damn, you must be one of the few lucky souls. So, when it comes to films (or short films for the purpose of this review) dealing with nightmares, you can see yourself in the character suffering them because you have experienced at least one in your life to date.

Written and directed by Craig Fisher, Nightmaere tells the story of a man (Antonio Rastelli) who is stuck in a never ending nightmare.

With films, and especially stories, like this it’s important that the lead actor really sells that he is in fact in a nightmare. Rastelli is given the right platform — the script is good, the scenarios etc — but doesn’t go on to do anything with it. This has as much to do with the direction too as it has to do with Rastelli, because it’s Fisher’s job to get the best out of Rastelli. As a result, we never really feel that this man is horrified or in any danger.

Nightmaere is a perfect example of a great premise with a poor execution. Everything was set up nicely, from the script to the music to the creature effects; it just missed the mark on the most important part.


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