Four Crypt TV Short Films We’d Like To See Become Feature Length

CRYPT TV has become the go-to place if you want to seek out short, but memorable films. They have a number of sub-genres ranging from creature features to slashers to the paranormal and even comedy. We here at The Horror Club Blog have been binge-watching a number of them over the last week, and it’s fair to say they’re bonkers.

Check below for four Crypt TV short films we’d like to see become feature length:

Look-See by Landon Stahmer

We can’t praise Look-See enough. It’s actually a five-part series with some great storytelling, creepy thrills and some great designs for the monster. It’s probably our favourite of all the Crypt TV shorts.

Bubbles by Brennan Gilpatrick and Erin Walsh

This award winning short will have grip to your screen. There’s a Hostel feeling throughout the early stages, but once the twist comes about, the film takes its own angle and shines with its uniqueness.

The Mask Maker by John Williams Ross (or John Ross)

Creepy, with some great direction and acting to a high standard. By the time the ending comes, you’ll want more.

Invaders by Jason Kupfer

Hilarious and gory with perhaps the worst criminals EVER.

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